Say goodbye
to the execution gap

Developing a strategy is hard. Executing one is even harder. This is why we created MindStrength, a solution to help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.


Reimagine how you drive results

Because your organization’s success depends on the successful execution of your strategic initiatives, it’s crucial to equip all of your employees with the purpose and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

MindStrength offers a strategic learning solution that not only seamlessly bolsters your employees’ know-how but also their application of this knowledge at scale.

Powered by data science, MindStrength leverages its patented Effort Index to measure each employee’s engagement and ability to execute, ensuring they are well-positioned to deliver results.


A strategic execution solution aligned with your business strategy.

Whether you’re launching a new product or embarking on a complex transformation, create the conditions for high performance. MindStrength gives you the tools to execute, inspire and enable your team to excel. Importantly, MindStrength also gives you a way to measure your team’s expertise and engagement.


customized to your goal

Our experienced learning design team ingest your goal and execution blueprint then design customized learning pathways that cements your team’s alignment and prepares them to execute.


knowledge application learning

Our patent-pending algorithm adjusts the strategic learning experience for the learner based on their engagement level and how well they perform in the target initiative areas. This ensures your employees spend time on what they need to master, not what they already know. We are optimizing for performance in the workplace or in the field.


A clear view of employee engagement

SkyView shows you a clear, actionable view of your team’s lprogress and engagement. Filter the data by initiative, region, function, and more.


See how MindStrength helps business leaders align their teams and deliver results.